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Digital Forensics for Attorneys

Take advantage of the latest digital investigative technology

Are you facing an increased demand for collection and analysis of client data stored in computers, phones, and mobile devices?

With the huge expansion of digital devices in our lives, the modern attorney must be able to identify, access, and analyze the contents of phones and computers. The average person generates more than a gigabyte of data per day, creating powerful evidence that can be used in a wide variety of cases. This data never goes away, even if it is hidden or deleted. Digital Forensics Corp. can unlock it for you.


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  • Streamline your vendor relationship with direct, app-based access
  • You and your clients can directly access Digital Forensics experts for a complimentary advisory summary
  • Gather decisive evidence without ever leaving your office
  • Equip your practice to offer analysis of digital evidence and conduct forensically sound preservation and collection
  • Get an edge on your opponents with early analysis of potential evidence

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