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Apple iOS Vulnerabilities – Zero Day Attacks

August 12, 2016 Ahmed Mansour, human rights defender of the United Arab Emirates, received a malicious SMS message on his iPhone 6 (running iOS 9.3.3). The team at the Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto came to the conclusion that Mansoor had been targeted by a combined package of three zero-day exploits capable of taking control of his phone, and spying on his emails, text messages, calls, and contact lists – an assault Which Lookout’s vice president of security research and response, Mike Murray described as showing “an incredible level of sophistication and commitment.”, analyzing this message.


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Electronic Evidence where to find in Files

Today we will talk about Electronic Evidence, where you can find in the files.


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Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity industry has always been under constant strain from malicious programs and cyber-criminals. With increasing integration of software services and hardware, into every aspect of our lives, the task of keeping data secure has now become more tedious. The arsenal of tools that cyber criminals today have at their disposal has raised several concerns for security companies.

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Analyzing the Fileless, Code-injecting SOREBRECT Ransomware

Fileless threats and ransomware aren’t new. Trend Micro conducted an analysis of Code-Injection SOREBRECT extortionists. When working with this virus, the samples showed SOREBRECT unusual methods that it uses to encrypt the data of its victim.


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