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Phishing Attacks: Here’s How They Hook You

Odds are, everyone in your workplace has been warned about opening suspicious-looking emails. You probably know that clicking a link in a malicious email can open your company’s network up to a data breach or some other kind of network attack. Word gets around.

Even so, these attacks—known as “phishing”—continue, and they often work. Someone sends you an email and includes a link that could end up compromising your company if just one employee clicks on it or provides the sensitive information sought.

If everyone’s guard is up, how do malicious actors entice you to click on the link? Here are a few common tactics:

The email seems to be from an authoritative [...]

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FBI Says Online Blackmail is on the Rise

Online blackmail is happening more frequently these days, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

The IC3 reports an increase in extortion attempts received via email and postal mail, often using the victim’s specific user information to add authenticity. The “recipient’s personal information is noted in the email or letter to add a higher degree of intimidation to the scam. For example, a recipient’s user name or password is provided at the beginning of the email or letter,” the FBI reports.

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Ransomware overview: The ‘Barack Obama’ virus

Malware that encrypts files and requires redemption for decryption is very popular now. The authors of malware are very resourceful and technologically savvy, and ransomware services are widely developing.

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Get The Most From Your Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are everywhere these days: businesses, offices, homes, parks, you name it. They collect a huge volume of evidence that can help solve traffic incidents, criminal cases or civil disputes. But are those security cameras providing the best possible evidence?

Often, camera placement issues prevent getting the best results.

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