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FastIR Collector

FastIR Collector is a “Fast Forensic” acquisition tool. It collects different artifacts on live Windows and records the results in csv or json files. Traditional forensics expertise does not keep pace with the development of information technology.


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Oxygen Software 9.4 has released

Oxygen Software Produces a version of the flagship forensic software, Oxygen Software Detective v.9.4. This update contains the following information: Samsung for its flagship product, Oxygen Forensic Suite Detective 9.4, and in partnership with Passware, Inc. Overcome the encryption of data on Android devices. Another addition to Detective 9.4 is the Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extractor, which added the ability to decrypt the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive without the encryption key from the device.

Version 9.4 introduces another method of data decryption from the Popular messenger. Now, forensic experts can decrypt data through the security code. The new Oxygen Forensic [...]

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SQLite Forensics with Visual NAND Reconstructor

Rusolut added SQLite analysis functionality to their top software Visual NAND Reconstructor.


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Hiberfil.sys Analysis with Hibernation Recon

Forensic examination in the registry has long been referred to the analysis of only readily available Registries from Microsoft Windows®, often one at a time, in vain takes a lot of time and an archaic way. Registry Recon is not just another Registry parser. Digital forensics experts armed with Hibernation Recon are now able to leverage not only the active contents of Windows hibernation files, but also massive volumes of information in the multiple types (and levels) of slack space that often exist within them.


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