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How do Military Dating Scams Work?

How do Military Dating Scams Work?

Are you or someone you know a victim of a military dating scam? Thousands of people in the US are being impacted by romance scammers. Military dating scams have become increasingly common, resulting in millions of dollars of losses for unsuspecting victims. This blog post will discuss how military online dating scams work.

What are Military Dating Scams?

Military dating scams are a growing concern for people in the military and civilians alike. Armed with stolen identities, scammers target people looking for love by pretending to be members of the armed forces. Often victims are asked to send money to cover travel costs or a fictitious U.S. tour duty so that they can spend time together.

Unfortunately, this ‘relationship’ will never materialize, leaving the victim financially helpless and out of pocket without ever meeting their so-called partner. It is essential to be vigilant when searching for potential partners on dating sites, as these scams can have disastrous emotional and financial consequences for victims from all walks of life.

How do Military Dating Scams Work?

There are criminal organizations in countries across the world that specialize in military dating scams. These organizations target people looking for a romantic connection and use various techniques to defraud them of money. Military dating scammers often rely on emotional triggers to get their victims hooked. They use promises of love, invitations to join them at their covert location abroad, or even convincing stories about earning extra money by helping them financially.

Scammers use fake profiles on social media and other online sites to attract potential victims. Scammers impersonate actual service personnel or veterans to appear more genuine and legitimate. The goal is to build trust before asking for money directly or via wire transfers, gift cards, Venmo, or PayPal. Victims should be wary of anyone asking for money online and be aware that any requests could signify a scammer trying to steal their hard-earned cash.

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Red Flags to Look Out For

Military dating scams are becoming increasingly common, and it is vital to be aware of red flags that signal they could be a scam.

Red Flags:

  • One of the most common warning signs to look out for is if the person wants to move the relationship along too quickly for your comfort level. They could use tactics such as over-flattery or “Love Bombing;” these are used in efforts to try and gain your trust.
  • Next, the other person tries and quickly move their conversations off dating sites and onto email or messaging apps. Scammers know they could get caught on dating sites and quickly move their conversations away from this platform.
  • Furthermore, romantic promises often come up early with these scammers. This is another potential warning sign. Overpromising is just another sign that you could be talking to a scammer.

Always be careful in any online relationship, as it is essential to stay vigilant and watch for possible signs of being scammed.

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How to Protect Yourself from Military Dating Scams

Awareness of the possible danger when engaging in online dating is essential. Military dating scams can result in embarrassment and financial loss, but there are things you can do to protect yourself. Start by researching and looking into any dating website you decide to use. Source facts about any military members the person may claim to be. Often scammers use the same techniques to try and trick their victims.

When in doubt, remember these key things:

  • Military leave does not cost any money.
  • Members of the military do not need to solicit money to house or feed any of their fellow troops.
  • Finally, military members do not have to pay to retire early.

Additionally, do not give away personal information or send money – these are sure signs of a scammer that should set off warning bells. Do not engage with someone if they ask for money – this is a clear red flag that you should cut off all contact immediately! These tips will help keep you safe from military dating scams and allow you to have a better experience when navigating the waters of online dating.


Overall, the idea of military dating scams can be devastating for anyone involved. Those unaware of this kind of scam may feel defenseless if they ever face a situation like this. It is important to remember that you are not alone in dealing with such an issue, and many resources are available to help victims of these scams seek justice.

By being aware and proactive regarding military dating sites, we can all ensure that this type of fraud is controlled and those affected can access the support they need. Reach out today – be vigilant, spread the word, and help curb military dating scams!

If you become a victim of a crime or witness it, it is important to report cyber crime to our blackmail helpline to prevent further damage and protect others from falling victim.

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