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Detecting Hidden Networks

Detecting Hidden Networks

Most organizations have communications isolated networks or with data flow restricted through different networks. Any type of external connection for computers may constitute a threat. We propose to read an article that reflects the opportunities provided by these so-called “Hidden Network” and how they can be identified and focused on protecting these issues within the corporate network. It is called the Hidden Network: discovering hidden networks created from USB devices.


In addition to the possible leakage of corporate information, a hidden network is also a problem for the integrity of the computer. Such USB devices can distribute malware, and this is a real and basic problem, not just in the historical Stuxnet case, but with others of the greatest importance, such as the brutal kangaroos used by the CIA.

This article describes how to identify these hidden networks and offer a tool for their control. This will obviate the prevention of incidents, as well as to provide useful information containing useful information for forensic cases.



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