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Digital Forensics Corp. Helps ‘Dr. Phil’ Solve A Mystery

Digital Forensics Corp. Helps ‘Dr. Phil’ Solve A Mystery

“The Dr. Phil Show” dedicated an episode March 20 to the story of a couple who said hackers had been attacking them for five years, hacking into multiple devices in an attempt to ruin their marriage and their lives. DFC experts investigated several devices for the episode.

Their account, told in an episode entitled “I’ve Been Hacked for 5 Years, and It’s Destroying My Family,” was terrible. Stacey said her smartphones constantly showed photos she never took (more than 30 each day), downloaded and rearranged apps on their own, browsed websites without her knowledge and more. She and her husband, Andy, said they’d ecaused cash registers in stores to shut down simply by using the stores’ wifi with their phones. Stacey even made Andy take a lie detector test, because they constantly received messages that seemed to refer to an extramarital affair.

Over the years, the couple went through a dozen phones, five computers and seven modems in trying to defeat these problems.

Producers at “The Dr. Phil Show” turned to Digital Forensics Corp. to investigate five devices of Stacey’s choosing: a laptop computer and four smartphones. At DFC, we specialize in analyzing evidence from digital devices to help solve all kinds of complex issues — civil and criminal cases, data breaches, intellectual property theft and more. And we examine devices for malware and spyware — the tools used by hackers — every day.

Once we examined the devices, DFC senior analyst Mark Daniel appeared on the show to explain what our experts found. If you’d like to see some video to learn more about the episode, click here.

And to learn more about our spyware and malware services, click here.


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