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How to save your smartphone from malware

How to save your smartphone from malware

Malware authors are constantly inventing new tricks, checking the Android users’ vigilance.

From August to early October 2018, a team of Eset specialists found hidden Trojans in the official Android store.

The company ESET reported the emergence of spyware malware, which is disguised as legitimate cryptocurrency services and intended to steal user credentials in the Google Play store. Counterfeits imitated official services NEO, Tether and MetaMask for users of cryptocurrencies. They are created with the help of a widely-available mobile application designer, which allows you to “build” similar programs without special knowledge and skills.
The MetaMask application had a classic phishing scheme. Unfortunately, after entering the private key and password from his cryptocurrency wallet, the attacker also received this data. NEO and Tether acted a little differently, they showed the user the public address of the attackers’ wallet. After transfer of cryptocurrency to the specified address, there is no reverse. Following ESET messages, malicious applications have been removed from Google Play.

It was reported earlier about the emergence of spyware malware, which is disguised as a Viber messenger. Users who downloaded the application opened access for criminals to the content of their smartphone and the ability to record phone calls.

Nowadays, hacker attacks have become common. Experts confirm that no one is protected from hacking. To avoid the attack, you should pay attention to the following recommendations.

1. Download applications only from official stores.
2. Compete with ratings, user reviews and queries before installing apps from Google Play.
3. Use modern antivirus software on all gadgets.
4. Use two-factor authentication.

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