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Network Forensics And Analysis Poster

Network Forensics And Analysis Poster

SANS has released a new poster for “Network Forensics And Analysis Poster “. Network Forensic Analysis techniques can be used in a traditional forensic capacity as well as for continuous incident response/threat hunting operations. This poster is a crib. It helps bring clarity to the types and sources of network-based evidence, how to convert full-packet data to other, more rapidly examined formats, the tools used to query that evidence, and general use cases for network data in typical DFIR operations.


The author and SANS certified instructor Phil Hagen with the support of the SANS DFIR Faculty created the FOR572 Advanced Network forensics analysis course. He confidents this course provides the most up-to-date training covering topics both old and new, based on real-life experiences and investigations.


The authors of the course created FORA572: Advanced Network forensics and analysis to solve the most transitional field of digital forensics. Many companies have grown so much that determining which several endpoints to consider among thousands is a serious problem. In addition, the network has become its own environment for responding to incidents and investigations. Having the ability to use evidence from all kinds of network devices, as well as from captured network data in itself, is critical to our success in dealing with threats today and tomorrow.



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