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Ransomware overview: The ‘Barack Obama’ virus

Ransomware overview: The ‘Barack Obama’ virus

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-09-21

Malware that encrypts files and requires redemption for decryption is very popular now. The authors of malware are very resourceful and technologically savvy, and ransomware services are widely developing.

One dangerous ransomware is named after former U.S. President Barack Obama. Politicians’ images and names are sometimes used in the hacker campaign.


The peculiarity of this virus is the description of the file: “Barack Obama’s Everlasting Blue Blackmail Virus.” Also, ransomware usually avoids touching the Windows folder, and this virus encrypts even those executable files that are in this folder.


First of all, the “Obama virus” tries to complete the processes of antivirus programs. Then it searches for files with the extension .exe, trying to encrypt them. Also, “Obama’s extortionist” modifies registry keys that are associated with .exe files. Thus, the virus is activated every time someone launches an executable file.


Unfortunately, it is not yet clear who developed the virus. Experts traditionally do not advise paying anything to intruders, as there is no guarantee that hackers will provide keys for decryption. You can see how you can protect yourself from ransomware on our website.


If you encounter this species of virus or others, our team will promptly help you save your data.

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