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Has Your Computer Been Hacked? Know the Signs

Wondering if your computer or network has been hacked? Are you worried about malware or spyware?

Sometimes, computers have problems that have nothing to do with malicious activity, but hacking does happen and it is a growing problem. Visit the wrong website, open the wrong email or download the wrong app and you can find yourself with a host of problems. Risks run the gamut from someone ruining your computer to someone accessing your personal data, bank accounts and other crucial information.

It takes a computer forensics examination to determine whether you’ve been hacked and how it was done, but there are some signs you can monitor. If you encounter any of these, you [...]

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Is it legal spying on employees

Sean M. Thompson decided to talk about the legal incentives for spying on employees in this article. The decision to control is complex for a variety of reasons: cost, culture, confidentiality, perception, etc. The goal is to balance corporate security needs with employee privacy concerns. The advantages of monitoring are well known – the visibility of employees’ actions, the protection of assets, the knowledge of threatening behavior, etc. There are five general categories of government regulations that impose positive obligations on monitoring employee behavior.

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The Devices Are Spying on you

Trend of the Internet of things is now gaining more and more popularity. Most often, the concept of Internet of things is inseparably connected with something smart: smart homes, smart transport, smart businesses … Their convenience are derived from their ability to communicate for various purposes.

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