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Threat lamps

Threat lamps

A person tries to optimize everything and make his life easier. Laziness drives humanity. A washing machine,a robot vacuum cleaner, smart home have already been invented to help people. The developers do not stop at this and strive to tie everything to the smartphone, so that they can manage everything in one click.

Intelligent lamps, which are connected to the Internet and allow you to change color, are already in use, and users can also plan time to turn on and off. Despite the advantages of such a device, there is a disadvantage. We use lamps at home and in an office, but even they can be used to steal data by hackers.


The researchers tested cheap smart lamps and concluded that they can be used as a covert channel for shielding the user’s personal data. The team used different types of hardware. During the work, the team of researchers connected a mobile phone with the necessary application and changed colors. The basic plan for exfiltration was the use of light as a channel for transmitting information from a hacked device to the attacker. As a result of the checks, two applications were created: one to send exfiltrate data, and the other to receive data.


The study of this topic is ongoing and it is planned to introduce artificial intelligence. At the moment, methods to control the attacker are being developed.

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