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July 30 - August 2, 2018

  • Data management
  • Metadata and Information Lifecycle Management
  • Dealing with disaster
  • Regulations, security and privacy

PANEL DISCUSSION: The importance of Digital Forensics and the increasing need for recovery solutions

Panel participants: Rob Nieboer, Boris Ivanov, Oline Wanderfeil, Howard Quenault, Sue Scott

This panel discussion will consider the growing need for data to be easily stored, accessed and authentic. As the crux of this conference, there is a mounting demand around the world, for data storage solutions and digital forensics to be better understood and utilized in all workplaces.

The value of data is increasing every day regardless of global or economic events. As a result, no single storage topic has generated more attention in the past three years than data protection. Choosing between mirroring (synch or a-synch), point-in-time copy, journaling, snapshot copy, incremental or differential backup for a given application is complicated and time consuming, with each having notable tradeoffs. This discussion will sort it all out.

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