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July 30 - August 2, 2018

  • Data management
  • Metadata and Information Lifecycle Management
  • Dealing with disaster
  • Regulations, security and privacy

This workshop will investigate the wide-ranging modalities available to the forensic specialist and how various proprietary software systems can assist companies and organizations to better control their data flow and implement solutions in a timely manner. During the workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Basic forensic techniques
  • The state of ESI law as it pertains to Forensics
  • How to prepare for possible e-Discovery
  • Preserving data according to federal guidelines.
  • Understanding digital evidence

Sergey Antipin, JET Computer, Latvia

This workshop will look at how to deal with data loss from start to finish. Everything from how data gets lost in the first place, to how to deal with the disaster as it happens. During the workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Causes of data loss
  • The cost of data loss
  • Data recovery services (overview)
  • How to retrieve the data
  • How to prevent data loss

Delegates will also be provided with an array of case studies that will balance the technical information of data recovery with hands on solutions. All delegates are encouraged to participate in this informative and interactive workshop.

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