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Computer forensics evidence is a powerful tool in criminal cases

Digital fingerprints reveal the facts

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The data on our cell phones and computers makes a strong witness, but it has to be expertly processed and documented for use in criminal court proceedings. The chain of custody for evidence is vital, as is preserving the data’s integrity – assuring that it has not been damaged or altered. Without these two elements, any data gathered by a digital forensic specialist will be useless.

At Digital Forensics Corp, we understand this. All of our certified digital forensic specialists are trained to ensure the results of our investigation provide you with everything you need to make your case, whether working for the prosecution or defense.

  • COLLECT EVIDENCE: Our experts can extract digital evidence, even if it has been hidden or deleted.
  • TRACE DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS: A private digital investigation can show where a suspect went, what he did and who he contacted.
  • RELY ON OUR EXPERTISE: Our track record and professional certifications provide confidence that evidence will be expertly collected and preserved.
  • MAKE YOUR CASE: Use our detailed, clear and legally admissible report in court or at deposition.

We are located across the U.S. and in Canada

Our cell phone forensics investigators, legal experts and former law enforcement officials have a proven track record in preparing for criminal cases. We’ve helped businesses, organizations, attorneys and individuals win their day in court. We have convenient locations across the United States and Canada and are available at all times.

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