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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has drawn a lot of investor interest in recent years, and that has opened opportunities for fraud. We help wise investors learn whether they’ve been invited to get in on a legitimate deal, or whether they’ve been targeted for a scam.

  • FRAUDULENT ICOs: The explosive growth of companies raising capital through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) means scammers are creating fake offers, too.
  • FAKE EXCHANGES AND WALLETS: They might look real, but they are designed to steal your funds and information.
  • PONZI SCHEMES: It’s a simple scheme. Investors see fake returns as new investors come on board. Then they get in deeper and it all collapses.
  • CRYPTOJACKING: Hackers install software that mines cryptocurrency or even steals cryptocurrency wallets.

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Criminals have plenty of ways to separate you from your money. Our team can help protect you.

  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges are lightly regulated, making it easy for fraudulent exchanges to operate.
  • Bitcoin investors can use our services to protect themselves from common scams such as Ponzi schemes, fake ICOs, and fraudulent exchanges.
  • Some scammers sell hardware wallets that contain a pre-configured seed phrase that allows hackers to steal funds.
  • Fake ICO websites trick users into depositing funds into a compromised wallet.

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Common Signs Of Cryptocurrency Scams

Beware of these common fraud signs:

  • guarantees of big, fast payouts
  • promises of “free money” in cash or cryptocurrency
  • vague, unclear claims about the company or investment

How Digital Forensics Corp. Identifies Perpetrators

Criminals who harass, bully or blackmail their victims take great pains to hide their identities. They use anonymous social media accounts, hide behind false email addresses, pretend to be other people. But all online interactions leave digital footprints, and our expert examiners know how to follow them. In many cases, our analysts can track down the domains and IP addresses used to commit harassment or extortion, pinpointing the original source of the crime. If you think you know who is harassing you, our experts can cross-reference IP addresses to find out for sure. All that evidence can be taken to police, or to court.

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