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Expert computer forensics investigations

Precise, detailed evidence in a wide range of cases.

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We are specializing in the following computer forensics services:

  • Deleted Data Recovery
  • Computer forensics examination
  • Analyzing recovered data
  • Documenting forensics reports
  • Database forensics
  • On-Site Acquisition
  • Expert consulting
  • Expert Witness Testimony

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Our computer forensics experts can answer many questions:

  • Was an electronic document altered?
  • Did a disgruntled employee email your trade secrets to a competitor?
  • Did someone download illegal material?
  • Is an employee pretending to be sick while enjoying the Hawaiian surf?
  • Are your children being cyberbullied? Are they bullying others?
  • Are precious photos or documents locked in the cell phone of a deceased relative?
  • Are the clues to a loved one’s secretive behavior to be found in texts or emails?
  • Was important information accidentally deleted?
  • Did the hard drive containing all your family photos cease functioning?

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Unlock Your Digital Evidence

  • RECOVER DATA: Our expert forensics investigators can extract data, even if it is hidden or deleted.
  • FIND DIGITAL FINGERPRINTS: Our computer forensics analysts can determine where a suspect went, what he did and who he contacted.
  • GET ANSWERS: Clues extracted from cell phones and devices can help you solve a mystery.
  • STATE THE EVIDENCE: Use our detailed, legally admissible report in court or at deposition.

Computer forensics can support a wide variety of criminal and civil cases

Digital forensics is a powerful tool that can resolve a wide range of criminal investigations and civil matters. Digital Forensics Corp. engineers use the latest tools and technology to recover data from mobile devices, computers, networks and cloud accounts, analyze it quickly and then document it for use as evidence in court.

  • Criminal cases
  • Infidelity, divorce
  • Custody cases
  • Civil disputes
  • Business espionage
  • Data retrieval and analysis
  • Arson and fire
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Asset search
  • Bounty hunting
  • Cybercrime
  • Financial cases
  • Fraud, including insurance fraud
  • Missing persons
  • Workers compensation
  • Wrongful death
  • Judgment recovery

What sets us apart

Digital Forensics Corp has proven success working with Fortune 500 companies across industries to handle data breach incidents.

Experience across the USA and Canada

With locations across North America, our digital forensics experts are near and ready to help. We are able to work on your case remotely, in-lab and onsite. Contact us or submit a case today to learn more about how we can help you.

Leading Experts

The DFC team is comprised of forensic investigators, certified fraud examiners, former law enforcement officials, certified digital forensic examiners, data analysts and system and network domain experts.

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