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Who Needs Forensic Data Recovery?

While it is possible that you may need to initiate forensic data collection to submit to court on your own, there are a variety of other reasons that you or your business could need forensic data recovery. Aside from expected reasons, such as uncovering or proving a crime, here are a few reasons for forensic data recovery:

  • Investigating Security Breaches or Other Policy Violations in a Business
    • HIPAA Violations
    • Theft of Trade Secrets or Intellectual Property
    • Accounting Fraud
    • Investigate Employee Actions
      • Inappropriate Material
      • Email Abuse
      • Instant Messaging
      • Non-Business Related Activity / Policy Violations
  • Investigating Use of Personal Electronic Devices
    • Recover deleted call logs, IM conversations, and even track movements with geo-tagging
    • Gather data from personal computers, including:
      • EMail
      • Images
      • Webmail
      • Internet artifacts
      • Web history and cache
      • Chat sessions
      • And More
    • Protect your children from potential online predators
    • Protect yourself from a cheating spouse

There are many reasons for Forensic Data Recovery, and law enforcement personnel are by no means the only entities utilizing forensic data recovery. If you’re considering completing a digital investigation on your own - whether for personal or business purposes - stop now! Let the experts at Digital Forensics Corporation help you complete your investigation right.

Benefits of Hiring Digital Forensics Corporation for your Forensic Data Recovery Case

While a computer savvy mom or dad believes they can adequately protect their child from online predators, a home computer guru believes that he or she would be able to tell if their spouse was cheating, that’s not necessarily the case. When someone wants to hide something, they will delete the data. While this data can be recovered, attempting to do so without the proper training and tools can not only make any evidence invalid, it can cause the data to be permanently lost.

Ensure that all potential evidence is uncovered, including deleted data

The same is true in a corporate setting. Many businesses opt not to outsource internal investigations, instead utilizing an already existing IT team that is not specifically trained for digital investigations. Even highly educated and trained IT personnel can make the same mistakes as someone completing a private investigation in their own home. Data can be compromised making it unusable in any legal setting, or even worse, inadvertently deleted, unrecoverable even to experts, like our technicians here at Digital Forensics Corporation.

Data can be gathered from nearly any digital source

Another drawback to attempting to gather digital evidence yourself is the ability to gather evidence from all digital sources that might have data present. Nearly any digital source can have evidence on it, including:

  • Personal Desktops and Laptops
  • Data can be gathered from nearly any digital source
  • RAID workstations
  • Servers
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • RAM
  • USB / Flash Drives
  • CD / DVD Disks
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

Attempting to complete your own investigation can lead to important evidence going undiscovered because you do not have the proper tools to collect the evidence that is present.

Any data / file type can be digital evidence

Often, data that is important evidence in a digital forensic investigation can be a file in a format you are not equipped to open or process. Because we are data recovery professionals, we are equipped to handle all types of files. This ensures that no evidence is left uncovered during our digital forensic investigations. Evidence can come in any file type, including:

  • Documents
  • Images
  • Email
  • Webmail
  • Internet artifacts
  • Web History and Cache
  • Chat Sessions
  • Compressed Files
  • Backup Files
  • Encrypted Files

One of the biggest consequences of performing your own digital investigation, aside from inadvertently losing data during your search, is potentially corrupting evidence. While a digital investigation may not start out with the intention of uncovering legal evidence, if the data is not properly documented and maintained, any evidence gathered has the strong potential to be inadmissible in court, and even worse, making the ability to gather further evidence from that source legally impossible. In other words, an improperly conducted digital investigation can taint the source of the evidence.

Evidence is presented in a neat, easy to follow format that has a very good track record in court proceedings

While this doesn’t seem important if your intention is not to gather evidence for a legal proceeding, whenever you’re starting a digital investigation, there is always potential that a legal proceeding can lead from the evidence uncovered. Whether the digital investigation is for personal reasons or business reasons, you could find yourself in the middle of criminal proceedings - prosecution of a predator, prosecution of theft, etc - or civil proceedings - divorce, wrongful termination, etc - that was a direct result of the digital investigation. By allowing the trained professionals at Digital Forensics Corporation to complete your Forensic Data Recovery for you, you will ensure that your investigation is done right.

Benefit from other features available you cannot provide in your own investigation

At Digital Forensics Corporation, we can also offer other benefits during our digital forensic investigation that will ensure that you have access to all the evidence that is available on your media. These benefits include, HTML page reconstruction, data reconstruction (recover deleted data), data from incomplete RAID arrays (in some cases), deleted call history / chat conversations, location movements plotted on a map, and much more.

If you need to Forensic Data Recovery, don’t do it yourself. Let the experts at Digital Forensics Corporation help you today.

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