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What’s Your Electronic Risk?

As a business owner, you may not realize that a corporate owner is liable for any e-mails sent from anywhere within the company. In addition, unchecked employees may send proprietary files through the Internet, or lodge complaints against you as a result of company violations of workplace privacy issues. At Digital Forensics Corporation, we understand electronic risk management and know what’s needed to preserve electronic evidence.

Calling on Digital Forensics Corporation’s team of computer forensics experts protects your company from past and future electronic risks. Our electronic risk management specialists will develop prevention plans that hold employees responsible for the files they transmit digitally. Digital Forensics Corporation will also work with you to develop policy procedures to reduce your electronic risks from all digital transmittals, including e-mail, Internet, and newsgroup usage. Call us today and we’ll tell you how you can prevent your company from losing intellectual property, and how to preserve electronic evidence to avoid costly lawsuits.

Case Studies

Digital Forensics Corporation’s team of computer forensics experts were commissioned to create e-mail policies for one company that had existed without them for several years. Because the policies had not been in place, employees were not informed that their e-mails were available to their employers to read and monitor, causing dissension and threats of lawsuits. Digital Forensics Corporation developed the policies that were able to safeguard the company and prevent employees from misusing the e-mail and the Internet in the future.