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Enjoy the many benefits of becoming a partner of digital forensics Corp. Custom branded reporting as well as lucrative commission structure.


DFC offers 2 ways for investigators to submit a case for digital forensics. We understand that your caseload may vary widely from week to week and that every case is unique.

That’s why DFC created a flexible plan, so busy investigators can choose which kind of partnership is best, on a case-by-case basis.

For some cases, you’ll want to work with the client directly and present forensic lab work as your own in-house service. For smaller cases, you may want to simply refer the client to DFC and take an immediate commission.

When you submit a case with a Reseller Partnership agreement, DFC serves as your back office, providing the digital services you need without interacting directly with your clients.

DFC will consult with your firm on how a digital investigation can help your clients, help your team determine the appropriate pricing and scheduling for services, and ultimately present the case findings to you, rather than the client.

DFC will consult with you at every stage of the process, helping you to interpret data and evidence so you can present it to your client with confidence and authority. When the investigation is completed, the Forensic Report we produce is custom-branded summary with your company's name and logo, which you can present it to your client, bundled with the other case documentation you may have.

As a Reseller Partner, you can earn up to 40% commission on all digital forensic fees and charges, and your firm is free to mark-up pricing on a case-by-case basis.

Help your firm to grow by adding additional revenue streams to your existing cases, as well as developing a new range of clients as a result of your new digital capabilities.

Receive training on how to interview clients to determine if electronically stored information (ESI) can help support their investigation and produce needed evidence. DFC will teach partners how to identify devices that will likely contain critical evidence to resolve cases, and provide practical solutions for obtaining devices and talking points for guiding clients.

  • Custom-branded reporting with your company name and logo
  • Training to learn to identify electronically stored information in your clients’ cases
  • Earn up to 40% of net case revenue
  • Stand out in a crowded field. Market your company as expert in both infield investigations and high-tech digital forensics.

When you submit a case with a Referral Partnership agreement, DFC will contact your clients directly, as a referral from your firm. At that stage, your work is done.

Through our Partner Portal, your firm automatically receives a 20% commission on all fees and charges, as soon as the customer account is paid.

Once the case is referred, DFC does all the work, interacting with client as often as needed, interviewing client for case specifics, reporting back to client as evidence emerges, and interpreting the digital data and findings to ensure that the client is satisfied with the services. Your clients will receive the highest degree of service and dedication in the industry along with rock solid digital evidence that leaves no room for doubt.

  • Receive up to 25% commissions on each case referred to Digital Forensics Corp.
  • Build your clientele by offering a strong partner in the digital forensics field
  • Help clients achieve their case objectives faster and more efficiently
  • Enjoy additional revenues, without additional work.
  • Stop throwing away valuable leads just because requests are digital. Earn on every one.

Both partnership arrangements will generate new revenue streams for your firm and help you to more efficiently achieve successful outcomes and satisfy your client objectives.

It’s important to choose the partnership arrangement that suits each individual case you submit for forensic investigation.

With some of your cases, you may want to submit as Reseller Partner and others it may make more sense to pass along the client as a Referral Partner.

For example, if your workload does not permit you to be involved in a case that is too small or primarily concerned with cell phones or computers, you may prefer to have DFC become the customer contact and do all the heavy-lifting, interacting with the client, determining charges and resolving the case issues.

In other cases, you may want to present your company as a full-service investigation firm with a state-of-the-art forensic lab available to perform complex digital forensics. With the Reseller partnership arrangement, your company interacts directly with the client and DFC provides services to you, including custom-branded forensics reports with your company logo.

Whatever the requirements of the cas are, DFC can craft a custom solution to suit your needs and the way you do business. Through our partnership program, DFC is dedicated to helping private investigation companies and law firms provide their clients with the digital evidence they need to succeed, while increasing their own profitability.