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Company’s reputation is probably the most valuable asset. When it is lost, there is no amount of reinvestment that could ever be done to deal with the disastrous after-effects. The most common way how company’s good name can be destroyed beyond repair is when another unscrupulous rival or similar entity misuses the company’s intellectual property, that must be protected in the safest way possible. Sometimes, this can prove to be quite a formidable task.

Protecting your company’s intellectual property means you are securing the huge amount of investment that you poured into researching about your product or brand to make it a success on the market. Imitators are always keen to go for the most coveted brand names and trademarks out there, and if you do not take the necessary steps to guard yourself against such, they will surely take advantage of your hard-won intellectual property investments and damage your company’s reputation beyond belief.

Digital Forensics Corporation is the world’s most respected company dealing with intellectual property and brand protection issues. Over the years, we have managed to create a favorable reputation among our clients by implementing several innovative methods, products and services which we use to effectively identify and deal with Intellectual Property Theft.

Digital Forensics Corporation has accumulated lots of experience over the many years that enables us to help our clients conduct superior investigations for in-use trademarks. This may initially include all of the pertinent details such as date of first use and evidence of current use, geographical spread and channels of distribution. We can anonymously negotiate the purchase or sale of a domain name, trademark, patent or other intellectual property. Digital Forensics Corporation also has experience in dealing with different types of counterfeiting operations on a world-wide scale. DFC has proprietary databases that have decades’ worth of intelligence. We have in our possession the latest information about the network of the parties involved. Digital Forensics Corporation is also well acquainted with all the signs of product diversion. DFC’s vast experience of working in this field enable us to effectively identify the paper trail cost.

During our Intellectual Property Investigations we are involved in the following:

  • Investigating the unauthorized use of tademarks
  • Providing services for domain acquisition
  • Protected identification mechanisms on domain registrant
  • Intellectual property acquisition services
  • Investigations of patents
  • Systems for monitoring the Internet
  • Systems for monitoring media
  • Systems for monitoring brands
  • Auditing services for royalty compliance
  • Anti-counterfeiting programs
  • Anti-diversion programs
  • Valuations of trademarks and domain names
  • Investigations of prior art
  • Identification of email owners
  • Protection of CopyShield copyrights

Contact Digital Forensics Corporation today to be well-equipped in protecting your intellectual property. Our team of friendly, highly professional and highly-qualified staff is always ready to walk you through how you can implement our proven programs for intellectual property protection. We will safeguard you against unscrupulous profiteers and keep your company’s impeccable name and reputation.

Case Studies

Digital Forensics Corporation experts were asked by a global licensor of branded luxury clothing and accessories to carry out an investigation into the illegal use of their intellectual property. Our team managed to reveal that one of their sub-licensee’s was making use of their intellectual property by creating duplicate products, using their trademark and selling them at significantly lower prices. Through this investigation, we were able to quantify the total value lost by our client in terms of revenue. Our company played a crucial role in the settlement of this conflict. Afterwards, we devised preventative strategies that would assist our client in the future.

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