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For any type of business, a company’s name and reputation prove to be the most valuable assets that it has. Almost all the activity of a business depends on how the consumers of its product view the company itself. However, unfortunately, the rapid expansion of online businesses means that companies are finding it more and more challenging to retain a good grip on all of the company activities. It is almost impossible to completely monitor all of the unwarranted statements about your company that can be viewed as defamatory and damaging to the company’s overall reputation and good public standing.

This is where Digital Forensics Corporation comes in. Digital Forensics Corporation has devised well-proven methods that are being used right now to ensure maximum online brand protection to stop Internet fraud and Internet harassment.

We are employing the most up-to-date and advanced technologies to monitor Internet activity and prevent copyright infringement. One of such innovative software applications, the Web.Sweep, allows to protect your online material from any unauthorized use.

Digital Forensics Corporation has a highly-qualified professional team of IP Cyber Detectives that can be used for the following to ensure the protection of your brand on the web:

  • Spotting IP Infringement
  • Tracking Stolen Goods
  • Finding out the persons involved in the criminal activity
  • Carrying out investigations
  • Undercover purchases
  • Investigating activities done on eBay and Online Auction
  • Investigating business processes involving counterfeit goods
  • Carrying out Parallel Trade Investigations
  • Detecting and Identifying Coupon Scammers
  • Identifying Anonymous Defamers
  • Tracking Cyber Squatters
  • Gathering info on Cyber Intelligence
  • Conducting Cyber Fraud Investigations
  • Monitoring activity on social media

We have a team of highly motivated and highly-qualified researchers and investigators who are concerned with intricate details, who will clearly outline what you need to do and come up with the most suitable parameters for search that ensure online brand protection. Contact Digital Forensics Corporation, and get started on the journey for security! We are ready to embark on a trip with you, to help you protect and secure your company’s image and brand. We will provide you with the equipment and knowhow to allow you monitor your company online.

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