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Patent Investigations

If you have some brilliant ideas for business, strategy and the like, you certainly require a patent that is securely protected from counterfeiting to ensure that your brand or company name continue to be outstanding amongst competitors or similarly aligned business strategies or ideas. We are a top-executive company that provides a wide range of patent litigation support services that we especially design to protect your intellectual property from getting into the hands of unscrupulous entities. We have a highly qualified team of executives that will ensure the perpetual security of your claims and patents.

We are a well-established business that extends its influence across all platforms around the globe. Therefore, we have accumulated great experience over the years working in various situations and environments catering for a wide range of customers. This alone will convince you to put your confidence in our professional ability to help you identify individuals that may be infringing your rights to the patents that you own. We also provide professional assistance in investigating the activities of some of your competitors to see if they are unlawfully using your patents. We conduct inquiries and examinations through in-depth Internet research. This includes thoroughly digging deep into the relevant databases and calling the suspected individuals anonymously over the telephone, or contacting them through e-mail. Our undercover professional agents can also do the “dirty” work of conducting on-site physical investigations.

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