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It is hard to forget the classic product tampering case that resulted in the deaths of 7 people in Chicago between 12 September and 1 October 1982. Deaths were caused by cyanide poisoning that followed after people took Tylenol. The Tylenol manufacturers were certainly not to blame. However, the amount of financial damage that they suffered as a result of the incident was unbelievable. For several months after the incident, the Washington Food and Drug Administration had 270 incidents where product tampering or package tampering was involved.

Even after so many years this incident still resonates with us. The incident resulted in a packaging and safety precaution revolution. Today, even the most unimportant and seemingly ordinary products come in tamper-proof packaging and tight safety seals. However, product tampering is spread across the board in all areas of business, being more represented in some than in others. In severe cases, product-tampering has been known to directly cause permanent health debilitations, severe illness, or even death.

Manufacturers need to deal with product tampering as the number one priority. The things to consider include:

  • Ways of curbing product tampering
  • Ways of protecting the product from getting into the hands of criminals who might use it to inflict harm on other people, leading to the loss of company name’s reputation
  • The best safety methods for the product
  • The best methods of avoiding product tampering

Digital Forensics Corporation is able to provide you with all the answers and assistance you need. We have many years of experience in product tampering prevention: we have done many extensive studies about different ways of product packaging, which has certainly made us a leader in the industry of product tampering technologies. Today you can become part of a broad spectrum of a global professional environment at Digital Forensics Corporation for the safety and protection of your most-valid products and, ultimately, the reputation of your company’s name.

Guarding against product tampering is not an easy task, and it requires a very specialized and professional approach. We are ready to sit down with you at your convenience and discuss the options that we have made available for you to protect you from product tampering or such kinds of criminal activities. You can contact Digital Forensics Corporation today to receive valuable information on the methods that we implement for our respected customers. This might be an ultimate determinant, not only for ensuring that your most-valued company name maintains an impeccable reputation, but also for keeping many lives from suffering the fate of the Tylenol victims.

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