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If you spouse is cheating on you and you suspect him or her of infidelity, Digital Forensics Corp. can help you find proof of such behavior if you are planning to divorce your partner. Specifically, we can help you find digital evidence of your ex’s indiscretions on devices that are in your home right now. Computers, laptops, tablets, and phones all contain a wealth of information about the habits of anyone in your house that uses them. Sometimes we can even find information (text messages or photos) that was deleted! If the evidence is there to be found, we can recover it for you. This evidence can be in the following:

Criminal Litigation Services - Digital Forensics Data Recovery

The most important part of digital forensic data recovery in criminal proceeding is the chain of custody. Following close on its heels, as far as importance, is the preservation of the data’s integrity. Without these two elements, any data gathered by a digital forensic specialist will be useless.

At Digital Forensics Corp, we understand this. All of our digital forensic specialists are specially trained to ensure that the results of our investigation provide you with everything you need. We also offer a variety of services to ensure that you can customize your service to meet your needs for each case individually.

  • Complete, detailed chain of custody
  • Data duplicated and verified by MD5 hash values
  • Complete de-NISTing
  • Metadata information
  • Find and unlock encrypted files
  • Recover deleted files
  • Data searching
  • Detailed, court-accepted report
  • Expert Testimony

If you require digital forensics services for criminal litigation - prosecution or defense - it’s important to choose the right digital forensics provider. Preserving your evidence, and ensuring admissibility in court, is just as important as uncovering the evidence present on your media.