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  • Cyber Security Services
  • Ransomware Recovery
  • Data Breach Response
  • Penetration Testing
  • Computer Forensics
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • IP Theft Investigations
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“The Dr. Phil Show” dedicated a 2019 episode to the story of a couple who said hackers had been attacking them for five years in an attempt to ruin their marriage and their lives. The producers turned to Digital Forensics Corp. to investigate five devices: a laptop computer and four smartphones. At DFC, we specialize in analyzing evidence from digital devices to solve civil and criminal cases, data breaches, and more. And we examine devices for malware and spyware — tools used by hackers — every day.

Leading Digital Evidence, Cyber Security, and Computer Forensics Services in Washington, DC

Do you need a digital forensics investigator to find key evidence to resolve a business dispute, a divorce case or a data theft? Call Digital Forensics Corp. in Washington, D.C., and we’ll get the answers for you.

Everyone has an opinion about what happens in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, one of the things that happens here is crime, whether it be the digital variety or more routine criminal activity.

Digital Forensics Corp. helps people get answers in criminal or civil matters and helps protect them from malicious online activity.

The certified computer forensics experts at Digital Forensics Corp. recover evidence from cell phones, flash drives, hard drives, etc., even if data has been deleted or hidden.

Our digital forensics specialists know how to find the digital fingerprints that provide compelling evidence in all sorts of investigations:

  • Data breach incidents
  • Malware and other network attacks
  • Altered digital records
  • Insurance fraud
  • Business espionage
  • Online harassment and cyberbullying
  • Phishing emails
  • Theft or sabotage by angry employees
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Much, much more

DFC has provided computer investigations and related consultations for organizations and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have helped family-owned businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Attorneys, investigators and individuals come to us when they require fast, reliable investigations.

DFC has been a leader in the field of digital forensics for more than 10 years. We keep up with latest changes in technology and developments in cybercrime. We can provide expert consultation on IT network security, legal issues, regulatory compliance and more. Our computer forensics specialists are trained to provide expert witness testimony.

Computer forensics examiners uncover powerful evidence

Do you use your cell phones or computer almost constantly? Many people do, generating huge amounts of data with every click and swipe. They take selfies and post them on Twitter. They make videos at the Lincoln Memorial. They arrange brunch via texts or ask their phones for directions as they navigate the Smithsonian Institution. All the data they create adds up to a vast amount of evidence:

  • GPS logs and routes
  • Timestamps and other metadata
  • Call logs
  • Text and picture messages
  • Voicemails
  • Emails
  • Third-party apps such as Instagram and Facebook
  • Photos and videos

Digital forensics analysts often can extract data, even if it has been deliberately deleted. They can retrieve electronically stored information from USB flash drives, SSD drives, hard drives, RAID arrays, cellular phones and more. Even when devices are non-functional or badly damaged, they still contain evidence our experts can recover.

DFC documents the evidence in a detailed report that clients can use with the police or in a courtroom.

We provide expert computer forensic investigations

Our team includes data breach response experts, network security analysts, digital forensics specialists, accountants, lawyers and more. It gives us the broad range of experience and up-to-date tools needed to fight online crime and solve complex puzzles. DFC provides discreet, professional forensic examinations.

We also follow strong protocols to protect client data, because your privacy is our priority. We have earned a Type 2 SOC 2 certification, demonstrating that our procedures and systems are designed to safeguard sensitive data. We have encrypted, secure servers. We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with everyone we deal with.

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