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Computer Security Service Columbia For Corporations & Businesses

Specializing in Commercial Law & Litigation, Insolvency & Fraud

Whether it is dealing with disgruntled employees, theft of trade secrets or stolen intellectual property, companies turn to Digital Forensics Corp to investigate the digital activities of their employees, vendors and competitors.

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Practice Areas

  • Ligitation
  • Law Enforcement Support
  • Education
  • Information Security
  • Forensics
  • Discovery
  • Corporate Sabotage

Our Specialties

  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Evidence of policy violations
  • Abuse of IT Infrastructure
  • Documenting Compliance

Does your legal case depend on electronic evidence? We can help!

Practice Areas

DFC provides attorneys with a wide variety of computer forensics services, such as electronic discovery, data acquisition, data recovery and evidence gathering. Each client has different needs and each case is unique. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about how we may assist you.

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What can DFC do for you?

  • Expert Consulting
  • Cost efficient handling of digital evidence
  • Culling and reduction of high-volume data sets
  • Quality acquisition of data and processing
  • Fast turn-around times including emergency 24-hour services
  • Certified Forensic Reports

Why Attorneys Choose DFC?


Leading Digital Evidence, Cyber Security, and Computer Forensics Services in Columbia, MO

Digital Forensics Corp. operates a state-of-the-art digital laboratory and customer service center in Columbia, a city located in Boone County, Missouri. The city’s population of 115,276 (according to the 2013 census) is rapidly increasing with the development of new business structures and increase in demand for consumer services.

The DFC offices in Columbia are located right in the heart of the city and are easily accessible from all its corners.

 DATA and EVIDENCE ACQUISITION Digital Forensics Corp. professionals assist clients with the onsite acquisition of digital data whilst sticking to the accepted legal protocols.  DATA RECOVERY SERVICES For more than ten years, Digital Forensics Corp. has been an industry leader in retrieving files from damaged devices, as well as recovering lost or intentionally deleted files.  LITIGATION SERVICES Digital Forensics Corp. provides a full range of litigation services to support legal professionals, including Forensic Investigations, Forensic Reporting and Expert Witness Testimony.  E-DISCOVERY SERVICES Digital Forensics Corp. has a team of qualified experts who assist clients in locating, securing and searching for electronic data for civil and criminal litigation.

Whether it be our team of highly trained government-certified data recovery experts and reliable data management tools, or the highly advanced equipment and software that we employ, our data recovery processes are conducted under the most confidential, safest and fasted conditions possible. This gives our clients value for their money, with our services prices the lowest in the industry.

Are you interested in finding out more about how we can assist you recover and process your digital evidence? Then be sure to contact us on our phone or send us an email today. All contact details are provided on this website. Our customer services team is always on the stand-by to assist you with real-time solutions to your issues.

Our well-proven resources are virtually at your disposal. Let us get you started!

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  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbia, Missouri"

    Reviewed on Jul 6 2016

    The team is very responsive and they deliver decent service. To some, their rate might be a bit high. But if your lost data are of great importance, then their rate might be fair. For ransom ware -stricken and panic-stricken customers like me, Digital Forensics Corporation responsive & helpful attitude, is very comforting. i am very grateful for their quick responses, and their successful rescue of all my files on hard disk....

    Authenticated Columbia, MO

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbia, Missouri"

    Reviewed on Jul 6 2016

    All the tech's were great. When we first spoke it felt like I already knew them. Great communication about what to expect and progress of recovery. Received all my info on a flash drive. All I had to do was plug it in to my computer and my info was available. Saying "Great job everyone" is not enough. How about Outstanding Job Everyone. Thanks....

    Authenticated Columbia, MO
  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbia, Missouri"

    Reviewed on Jul 6 2016

    My hard drive died in my desktop pc - the disks would not spin and I couldn't recover the data on it (tons of ebooks, mp3s, and pictures). I did a search online, found Digital Forensics Corporation,, input my information, and got a call from them within 3 minutes of that online input. I sent them the hard drive, at their expense, they found that they could recover the data, put it on an external hard drive, and sent it back to me. The cost was re...

    Authenticated Columbia, MO

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbia, Missouri"

    Reviewed on Jun 14 2016

    I thought I had a bulletproof backup/archive regime but when my 1TB NAS store failed, I realised there were a several Gigabytes of digitized home movies that weren't stored anywhere else (being so bulky). Although they asked a sum on the edge of what I was prepared to pay, I consider it a sharp lesson from the universe in designing a better backup scheme. Their service was fast, professional, friendly, complete and faultless - I thoroughly recomm...

    Authenticated Columbia, MO
  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbia, Missouri"

    Reviewed on Dec 7 2016

    I want to say thank you to Digital Forensics Corp for acknowledging the importance for parents to know what our kids are doing online. I have 2 kids and they are quickly outgrowing me. They are so technical now, chatting, visiting websites, communicating online and I'd like to know what they don't tell me so I can keep them safe. With the info Digital Forensics can provide I will have piece of mind to know where my kids are visiting....

    Authenticated Columbia, MO

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbia, Missouri"

    Reviewed on Dec 5 2016

    I would like to tell you about my experience. One day I deleted all messages in my Android cell phone. These messages were damn important for me, because I saved all information about my son. When I came to them and looked at my cell phone, I realized that everything will be ok. And I didn't worry because there was Android SMS recover program. So, I didn't worry, they helped me, I liked their service, and I completely recommend them....

    Authenticated Columbia, MO

Our Certifications

Certified Forensics Examiner
Cellebrite certification
Intella Email Investigations
Access Data Certified Examiner
Access Mobile Examiner
CEH certified ethical hacker
Digium certification
Belkasoft Digital Evidence examiner
mathworks image processing
gsa certification

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