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DFC forensic services help private investigators prove what happened, when it happened, how it happened, and who was involved.

Becoming a Partner Organization with Digital Forensics means your business can provide your clients with a full range of digital forensic services to uncover the evidence they need. The better case outcomes that result from adding forensics can improve your reputation, online and offline, and increase client referrals.

When you become a DFC Partner, the new service offerings you will provide can expand the kinds of cases you can accept and resolve, which can open up your business to new customers and new revenue streams.

DFC will create a customized marketing material, detailing the digital services you can offer to prospective clients. (For our volume partners, we’ll even design a free landing page for your site) .


Any evidence you gather may potentially be used in civil or criminal court at a later date. That’s why extracting and documenting evidence that will stand up under cross-examination is important for you and your clients.

DFC provides private investigators with a full complement of computer forensic services.

Our court-admissible Forensic Reports are precise and thorough, documenting the evidence your clients need. Each report is compliant with FRCP rules #26 and #34, which require attorneys and their clients to understand and gather digital evidence in a timely and scientific manner. Finished reports can be custom-branded with your company logo and are structured to be persuasive for settlement negotiations and courtrooms.

Our Forensic investigations begin with a write-blocker, a specialized device employed so the process of making a digital image of a drive does not alter the binary code of the original device. We document the integrity of the process with SHA-1 and MD5 protocols, which generate a unique “hash” codes to confirm that the data has not been altered.

We are GSA contractors and have experience working with governments, national consumer brands, Private Investigators and leading attorneys. Our EnCase certified engineers all have years of training and have logged many hours on some of the most difficult cases imaginable. As a result, our credibility enhances your credibility.


In cases where common forms of evidence are not sufficient, you can help your client to identify overlooked devices that may contain valuable data. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, servers, cloud storage, SD cards, thumb drives, and even the hard drives inside copiers or GPS devices can hold valuable digital evidence.

Of course finding what you need amid mountains of data is not easy. That’s where Digital Forensics Corp can be a game-changer. We are experts at using powerful digital sifting tools to find the needle-in-the-haystack you may be seeking.


If the evidence you need is trapped in a failed or antiquated hard drive or server, and the data can’t be transferred or copied with ordinary techniques, DFC can help. We’ve helped governments and law enforcement with their toughest cases. With the largest inventory of rare and discontinued drives in North America, DFC can harvest donor parts from its extensive library to rebuild nearly any broken or damaged drive and extract lost or hidden data.

DELETED or Lost FILES? We can recover them

Utilizing the latest innovations in specialized hardware and software, DFS can even recover missing or intentionally deleted files, as well as reconstruct pertinent meta-data to develop a timeline for the associated digital activity.

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