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How to Document Evidence of an Online Scam

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How to Document Evidence of an Online Scam

Online scams are becoming more common and more sophisticated every year. With seemingly professional websites and legitimate social media presence, it's no wonder cyber criminals are able to pull in victims so easily.

Just like any other crime, the ability to fight back against scammers depends entirely on the amount of evidence you can amass against them. With the sheer volume of cyber scams, having documented evidence will be the best shot at having a reporting agency or investigator willing to assist you. If you've found yourself entangled in an online scam, or are just suspicious, here are a few important steps to take to document evidence and make your investigation as successful as possible.

  • Document all communication. Screenshot every text message, email, or social media message right away. Scammers will often go back and delete accounts or messages to prevent collection of evidence, so try to document it as soon as possible to prevent losing evidence.

  • Document any web pages or social media pages associated. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, so do their online platforms. Take screenshots of any websites or social media profiles for their alleged business incase these pages are taken down or deleted before an investigation.

  • Save receipts. If any exchange of funds has taken place, save any physical or digital receipts you've received. This will help prove to financial institutions that you've been defrauded.

  • Stay in communication. It may seem counterintuitive to continue to talk with a criminal, but having an open line of communication will give investigators more opportunity to track the suspect and uncover valuable evidence.

  • Don't alert the criminal of your suspicions. If they're aware you're suspicious of them, or that they're being investigated, they may cut off communication or take measures to erase evidence such as chat logs or websites.

If you've fallen victim to an online scammer and are looking for assistance, Digital Forensics Corp may be able to help. With sophisticated tracking tools and experienced experts, we have helped thousands of clients take action against cyber criminals. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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