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Signs you may have Spyware or Malware on your phone:

  • Activities on phone that you can’t explain
  • Rapidly draining battery
  • Others seems to know about your activities without a good explanation
  • Phone rings but no one is on the line
  • Bizarre sounds or changes in volume on phone.
  • Service vans or trucks seem to always be parked nearby.
  • Messages in code that you do not have meaning for you.

Signs your Computer may have Spyware or Malware:

  • Pop-ups or digital activity on computer that can’t be explained.
  • Your computer is processing much slower than normal.
  • Others know things about you that they would have no reason to know.
  • Certain applications will close without explanation.
  • Missing documents or documents that move from one location to another.


What cyber-spies can do to your phone or PC

  • Turn on the speaker phone remotely and eavesdrop on your conversations in your home.
  • Turn on a home webcam and watch your every move remotely
  • Monitor all your activity on your computer down to each keystroke..
  • Extract banking information and passwords and drain accounts
  • Plant evidence of criminal activity on a phone or computer.
  • Copy your contacts to learn about your friends, business associates and family.
  • Use your identity and user accounts to communicate with others.
  • Discover your personal patterns and preferences through the digital trail you leave. Monitor your social accounts
  • Steal personal data or documents

You thorough Forensic Report – gives you the documentation and evidence you need to give to the police or present in a court of law.

Along with your investigation, you will receive a thorough Forensic Report to present to police or courts as proof of that suspicious or malicious activities occurred on your device or devices. The report includes detailed information about how and when your device might have been infected or tampered with, so that you can prove that your concerns and suspicions were real and valid. Should you need that evidence in court either now or in the future, your Digital Forensics Report is a legally admissible document and contains all of the required detail and documentation to confirm the facts of the case.

Now you can be own PI and track your subject all day and all night, all at a low fixed cost.