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How To See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile in 2023?

How To See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile in 2023?

Are you curious to know who’s been stalking your Facebook profile in 2023? We’ve all wondered this at one point or another. Maybe that new post you got didn’t get a reaction from someone that you know saw it. Maybe you’ve been off the grid entirely – and you’re curious who is wondering if you’re still alive! Regardless, lace up your internet-investigating boots; this guide will delve into what is considered Facebook stalking and how to see who is stalking your Facebook profile. How To See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile in 2023

What Does Stalker Mean On Facebook?

This generally means looking at another user’s profile beyond what a typical visit would yield including reading, clicking through, or analyzing posted content or personal information without their knowledge or consent. Simply browsing someone’s profile on Facebook for an extended period is not considered a crime. More serious forms of cyberstalking involve harassment and a pattern of consistent and undesired communications with a mark and can lead to criminal charges. Prolonged messaging from one user to another without a reply can be seen as harassment and a violation of an individual’s online rights, especially if the stalker creates new accounts to message their target. It is best practice to respect the desired level of communication for all users on Facebook by understanding basic communication signals and gauging whether that user is interested in a conversation or not.

How To See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile 2023

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide any feedback regarding who has been on your Facebook page, as specified in their Help Center. Without some form of interaction, people will be able to peruse your profile freely and you will have no idea that they were there. This is partially to protect the privacy of users who may not want anyone to see if they’ve visited a profile, and partially to encourage extended Facebook use as users are more likely to browse profiles if they know that person won’t get a notification about their activity. The best way to determine who may be viewing your page is to post content on Facebook that will attract interactions from your friends and followers. This can include Facebook Stories and posts with text or media on the Facebook timeline.

How To Tell If Someone Is Stalking You On Facebook Page

Posting content that will accumulate interactions from your Facebook friends is the only way to determine who may be stalking your profile in 2023. Facebook offers a range of privacy settings, and if your profile is set to be publicly visible anyone with Facebook may be stalking your account. To adjust the level of privacy your profile offers and restrict visibility from strangers, head over to Settings & Privacy, and click Privacy in the left column. For more detail, see Facebook’s tutorial in their help section.


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As much as we’d all like to know who’s been obsessing over us, the current Facebook development team doesn’t make it possible to view who’s visited your profile without any form of interaction. Learning about your privacy options on Facebook will help to ensure that you are not being stalked by someone on the website without your knowledge, and it is important to remember that Facebook will continue to evolve and change. As we move into the future, new features will be added that will impact how we use the platform. Facebook may provide future updates that allow users to see who has visited their profile if the market dictates. For now, if you’re curious about who’s been visiting your profile without any form of interaction we suggest visiting LinkedIn instead.

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