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Is My Phone Hacked? How To Check and What To Do if It Is

We use our phones for almost everything. They’ve become a quick and easy way to access the outside world, acting as a mini-computer. We can handle emails, directions, texts, and calls and store endless amounts of personal information. Considering that 90% of adults have a smartphone, the device is a walking target.

Unfortunately, we deal with constant attempts by scammers and hackers to compromise our information. We receive spam emails, phone calls from unknown numbers, and notifications about data breaches almost daily. 

With how much trust we put in our phones to hold all of our life’s details, just how secure are they?

Can Your Phone Get Hacked?

Any phone is [...]

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How To Choose a Password Manager: 8 Things To Consider

Between work and personal life, it’s believed the average person has about 255 passwords to juggle between accounts. With so many accounts to keep track of, there are many issues that can come about. Recycled passwords between the same email address means if one account is compromised, others can be as well. 

How do you track so many passwords and accounts? When you forget a password, you have to reset it, and if you’re not tracking this information, you may lose the updated password. That’s where a password manager can help you keep track of all of your accounts.

How Do Password Managers Work?

Password managers are designed to unburden you with the stress of [...]

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Instagram Hacked and Deleted? Here’s What To Do

Has your Instagram account been compromised? Have you noticed unauthorized changes or lost access? It’s a sinking feeling knowing your Instagram has been hacked. 

But you’re not alone in this. It happens more often than you think, and there are steps you can take to get your account back.

Here at Digital Forensics, we’ve helped countless people in your situation regain control of their Instagram and even track down the hackers. Our team knows how stressful this can be, so we act fast. We’ve got the skills and tech to handle even the trickiest cases. 

If your Instagram’s been hacked, give us a call — we’re ready to help.

Has [...]
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Is Hotel WiFi Safe? A Security Guide

Free WiFi is a helpful perk that you’ll find at most modern hotels. However, the WiFi at your hotel might not have the right security measures in place to protect your privacy and stop unauthorized access to your personal information. 

Before you log onto the hotel network, make sure you know how to spot key weaknesses that could leave you vulnerable to cyberattacks. We’re here to help you find those weaknesses and protect yourself anytime you’re online. 

Read below to learn how safe hotel WiFi is and how to get help if you find yourself the victim of an internet scam or cyberattack.

What Are the Risks of Using Hotel WiFi?

When you use hotel WiFi, make sure [...]

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Who Do I Contact if Someone Is Using a Deceased Person’s Identity?

Losing someone you love is devastating and difficult to go through. Now, imagine the horror of discovering their identity has been stolen, their memory tainted by fraud and deceit. What’s even worse is that this isn’t a rare occurrence. In fact, it’s a growing threat.

Scammers prey on the vulnerable, and they don’t discriminate, either.  They steal from the young and old, the rich and poor, tearing apart the lives of those already grappling with immeasurable loss. 

What Is Identity Theft of the Deceased?

Identity theft after death is not a victimless crime. The consequences are devastating and far-reaching. Consider the financial ruin these predators unleash. Bank [...]

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How To Report a Hacker: Step-by-Step Guide

Every day, thousands of Americans fall victim to cybercrime. Cybercriminals target not just big companies and government agencies; they’re after you, your personal data, photos, and even your peace of mind.

Think of finding your bank account drained, your social media profiles defaced, or worse, your most private photos splashed across the internet. The damage can be devastating, both financially and emotionally.

But you’re not powerless. Digital forensics adopts an approach that puts your well-being first. We protect victims by combating cybercriminal activities.

Our expertise lies in addressing forms of attacks that have the potential to disrupt [...]

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10 Snapchat Scams and How To Look Out for Them

Social media has become the hotspot for scams. It’s easy for a scammer to imitate someone else and create profiles for free. There are endless resources for scammers to generate a free profile; all they have to do is save photos of someone else and create a convincing persona. 

Throughout their history, many social media apps and sites have dealt with bots automatically making posts, adding users, or messaging other users. They followed a set script and would be designed to gain followers, advertise a site or product, or engage in some type of scam. Scammers usually see their efforts thwarted, but they come up with ways to circumvent the roadblocks to prevent them from [...]

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