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How To Report Harassing Emails to Police

Have you ever gotten an email so nasty it made you want to throw your phone out the window? One filled with threats, gross comments, or even demands for money? That’s not just a bad day online; that’s cyber harassment, and it’s way too common these days.

Any form of harassment is unacceptable, but online harassment can feel especially insidious due to the nature of not always knowing who’s behind it. Worse, cyber harassment often leads to emotional turmoil, like feelings of depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts.

Most of the time, the perpetrator believes they can get away with this type of harassment because they can’t be directly seen. But they’re [...]

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Can People See Your Email on Snapchat? A Privacy Guide

When Snapchat was released in 2011, social media users everywhere flocked to the site for its ability to send quick, personalized images and videos that disappear after viewing. Today, with over 800 million active users a month, the platform still remains one of the top social media platforms in the world. 

While you should only add people you know on Snapchat, your Snapchat contacts can still see a bevy of private information on your account, including your email address. If you’re a Snapchat user, it’s important to ensure you keep control over your private information and sensitive details like your email address.

If you’re wondering, “Can people see my email on [...]

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How to Deal with Online Blackmail

Being blackmailed online can leave anyone feeling scared, powerless, and cornered. If you’re a victim of blackmail you are not alone and there are ways to deal with this form of online abuse and get the help you need to put an end to it. This blog will discuss how these criminals operate and how to deal with online blackmail once you are a victim.

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How To Stop a Blackmailer?

Are you a victim of blackmail? If so, you are not alone; in the last few years, there has been an increase in blackmail cases reported worldwide. Blackmailers are ruthless and can make you feel like there is no way out, but this is not the case. Keep reading for tips on how to stop a blackmailer in their tracks and what signs could lead to this type of crime.

Signs of Being Blackmailed

It’s a situation nobody wants to find themselves in – being blackmailed. Unfortunately, it is not entirely uncommon, and there are signs to look out for. The signs of being blackmailed can be subtle, but if you pay close attention to what is happening around you, you may be able to [...]

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