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Modern malware and spyware can completely take over your cell phone, tablet or computer. It can turn your own phone or device into a spy in your own home, watching your every move and recording your every word. It can grab your banking information, passwords and more. Digital Forensics Corp. can help you fight back. Our computer forensics experts can help detect malicious spyware and get rid of it.

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Our engineers can determine whether a device or computer has been infested.


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We will help rid your device or computer of the malicious software.


Our detailed report will show when and how your device might have been tampered with and give you evidence you can take to the police or to court.

Suspect a spyware?

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You won’t believe what malicious software can do

The capabilities of hackers with modern spyware and malware are, quite frankly, frightening.

  • They can listen in on conversations in your home and record them.
  • They can turn on your webcam and watch your every move.
  • They can monitor every keystroke you make on your computer.
  • They can get your banking information, including passwords, and clean out your accounts.
  • They can plant evidence of illegal activity on your phone or computer.
  • They can copy your contacts – friends, family and business associates.
  • They can steal your identity, doing business and contacting other people while pretending to be you.
  • They can take over your social media accounts.
  • They can track your movements.

Signs your phone may have spyware or malware

  • Are there activities on your phone that you can’t explain?
  • Does your battery drain rapidly?
  • Do other people seem to know more about your activities than they should?
  • Does your phone make odd sounds?
  • Does the volume on your phone change all by itself?
  • Do service vans park nearby more often than you can explain?
  • Do you get weird messages that seem to be in code?

Signs your computer may have been hacked

  • Do you see pop-ups or other activity on your screen that can’t be explained?
  • Does your computer work more slowly than usual?
  • Do other people seem to know more about your activities than you think they should?
  • Do applications close without warning?
  • Do documents disappear, or move to new locations all on their own?

Hackers are everywhere, and so are we

Our computer forensics investigators and network security experts can root out spyware and help you prove you’ve been hacked. We do it for individuals and for businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 organizations. We have sites across the United States and Canada, so we can get you help fast.

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