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Young people spend countless hours online. Do you know who they are communicating with? What they are talking about? What kind of images and information they might be sharing online? It can be a source of constant worry.

We can help. Our digital forensics experts can use evidence from phones and computers in a variety of ways to determine what people have been talking about online, and who they’ve been talking with. We can uncover text messages and emails, even ones that have been deleted. We can examine call logs and browser history. We can discover the search terms typed into Google and other web browsers. All these details can help you understand what is going on, so you can make informed decisions

  • LEARN WHO THEY TALK TO: Our proprietary techniques can help pinpoint someone’s location within a few miles, anywhere in the world.
  • SEE COMMUNICATIONS: We can extract evidence from phones and computers to find out who they’ve been in contact with, the contents of emails and texts, what they’ve searched for online and more. We can even find evidence that’s been deleted.
  • BACKGROUND SEARCHES: Our analysts can use small amounts of information to check a multitude of databases to learn much more. Our licensed investigators can quickly access information such as criminal records, known associates, age and address and much more.
  • DIGITAL EVIDENCE: We can extract all the evidence from devices and provide it in an easily searched format so you can review the evidence in depth.

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