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There are a million reasons someone might vanish from your life. Maybe they’ve run away. Maybe they are in trouble. Maybe they’re a victim of some sort of crime. Whatever the reason, you are left with anxiety and unanswered questions. If you need to find them. Where do you start?

Start with us. Our digital forensics experts can use digital evidence from phones and computers in a variety of ways to determine where someone is and what they’ve been doing. Our experts have access to a vast array of online databases that are unavailable to the general public. Put our expertise to work for you.

  • TRACK THEM DOWN: Our proprietary techniques can help pinpoint someone’s location within a few miles, anywhere in the world. If they are using email, texts or social media, we can find out where they are.
  • DIGITAL EVIDENCE: If you have access to a computer or smartphone used by the person you seek, we can extract evidence to find out who they’ve been in contact with, what they’ve searched for online and more. We can even find evidence that’s been deleted, such as texts or emails.
  • DATABASES: There is all kinds of information online about people, but if you don’t know where to start or how to obtain access, you’re lost. Our licensed investigators know how to quickly access information such as property transfers, known associates, recent and past addresses, criminal records, licenses, memberships, professional groups, all kinds of information.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We’ll comb through social media posts to see who they’ve communicated with and what they’ve posted. Through our online searches, we may uncover social media accounts you don’t know exist.

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Our missing persons search service crosses jurisdictional lines and international borders. We can search for them anywhere, using techniques local police seldom have.

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Local police do not always have digital forensics teams, but we do. If the person you seek is active online, our technology can find them.

Stop worrying

Instead of constantly worrying, take action and know that you are doing everything you can to locate them.

Find answers

Evidence from a phone or computer can tell you what someone was thinking or who they were in contact with before they disappeared.


The internet is everywhere, so our proprietary process can pinpoint someone’s location anywhere in the world. That’s solid information you can give to police in that location, crossing any jurisdictional lines.


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