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Automotive Forensics Services

Identify crucial vehicle data for civil or criminal litigation purposes.

Recover Vital Evidence

Today’s cars have a story to tell!

Leverage your digital evidence to settle cases faster and receive settlements.

  • Personal injury cases
  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Civil or criminal litigation
  • Proving or disproving an alibi

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Modern cars store thousands of data points every day. Their onboard computers log every start, stop, GPS location, trunk opening, door opening, cell phone call, text and more. Digital Forensics Corp specializes in acquiring data from not only your vehicle’s event data recorder (EDR) but also from the media console (Telematics Systems)

Vehicle Navigation Information

Harvest historic GPS coordinates with time/date stamps to establish a timeline of events. Identify and document where a vehicle was at a particular date and time. Extract favorite or recent destinations, frequently visited locations

Cell phone usage or texting

Gather crucial cell phone data from a vehicle’s telematics systems (Media console). Once a cell phone is synced with onboard computers, its data is shared with the vehicle. SMS messages, emails pictures, videos, social media feeds are recorded and preserved.

Onboard computer data & metadata

Uncover digital evidence from event data such as vehicles lights which doors are opened and closed at a specific location, gear shift to drive/reverse and even Bluetooth devices connected

Unlock your vehicle's digital evidence potential!

We now support over 4600 vehicles and their onboard computers.

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Performing a vehicular acquisition from a recent BMW in support of a client’s insurance fraud investigation

  • Vehicle navigation information
  • Saved and favorite locations
  • Connected devices
  • Contacts, Call logs, SMS messages
  • Pictures and other media files
  • Lights, Door, Gear shift events data

What sets us apart

Digital Forensics Corp has proven success working with Fortune 500 companies across industries to handle data breach incidents.

Experience across the USA and Canada

With locations across North America, our digital forensics experts are near and ready to help. We are able to work on your case remotely, in-lab and onsite. Contact us or submit a case today to learn more about how we can help you.

Leading Experts

The DFC team is comprised of forensic investigators, certified fraud examiners, former law enforcement officials, certified digital forensic examiners, data analysts and system and network domain experts.

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