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Social Media and Brand Monitoring

Social media has become a surprisingly effective tool for communication. However, by making posts or providing any personal information on such social platforms as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat (and many others), users expose themselves to potential litigation or human resources issues.

Digital Forensics Corporation has a professional team of certified specialists who are ready to dig deep into various social media platforms for the purposes of uncovering the information you might require. Social media platforms provide the opportunity for individuals to post personal information that might include their whereabouts, details of family members and acquaintances, business relationships, leisure time planning, or the activities in which they might be engaged at a particular time. During litigation, such information could be used to verify or disqualify suspicious details about a particular individual. Social media can be used as a tool to either confirm or dismiss a witness’s testimony that might give information that potentially could be damaging to a defendant.

The following cases can be investigated using Social Media:

  • Personal Injuries Claims. Facebook or Instagram pictures can instantly provide evidence to the claim by an employee of being unable to properly execute his/her duties due to an injury. This is often the case considering the situations when employees are being questioned about the legality of them collecting pay checks when they are on a paid sick leave, but later are discovered merrymaking and having a good time at a pub late at night. In defense, they claim to have been recovering from an injury.
  • "Unused" Vacation Payouts. These cases are similar to personal injury claims. Simply studying the employees’ social media presence could be very pivotal in trying to determine how they are spending their time during certain vacations. If they are collecting unused vacation hours, then they would have to be truthful about their whereabouts. If an employee is discovered to have been vacationing in the Bahamas when instead the records are alluding to the fact that they are working at the office, then it is certain that the employee was indeed dishonest in his/her claims for these extra vacation hours.
  • Over-expenditure. When a particular company suffers the improper misdirection and misuse of funds, social media can be used as a tool to verify the claims by the employees under suspicion. Extravagant trips, over-the-top purchases, and other cases of flagrant opulence can certainly be indicators of the suspicious behavior of the employee who might as well be indeed living well beyond the means allowed by his or her current paycheck.
  • Brand Protection. Where the protection of intellectual property rights is concerned, Digital Forensics Corporation is able to provide brand-monitoring services, which are used to constantly monitor the use and proliferation of a client’s brand online and on social media.

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