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Social media and brand monitoring

When people express themselves online, it can add up to solid evidence

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Everyone seems to be on social media these days, sharing thoughts, posting pictures – and amassing powerful evidence. By making posts or providing personal information on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and many others, users often provide evidence that can resolve potential litigation or human resources issues. Social media posts often add up to reveal the whole truth, one post at a time.

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Digital Forensics Corporation has a professional team of certified specialists who are ready to dig deep into social media platforms to uncover information you need.


Find out if an employee is missing work because of injury or illness, or out posting fun photos on Instagram.


A suspect’s social media posts can often be used to poke holes in his story, or back it up.


Is a suspected employee really working the hours he claims?


We can monitor the use of your intellectual property or brand on social media.

We can help answer many questions

  • Is an employee really out making sales calls, or just goofing off?
  • Is someone bashing your company on Twitter or Facebook?
  • Did someone post Instagram photos from the Bahamas while they were supposed to be at a business conference in Milwaukee?
  • Is an employee living a lifestyle that seems way beyond the means of her salary?
  • Is a supposedly injured worker bragging about his golf score on Facebook?

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