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Has your data been breached? Act now.

A proper first response is crucial to reduce losses and liability.

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A proper first response reduces liability and business losses

The lessons from recent data breaches show that once your data has been exposed, it is too late to wonder what to do. You need to act immediately.

  • Stop the active breach.
  • Investigate the incident and system vulnerabilities.
  • Document timely response and due diligence efforts.
  • Protect company from future attacks.

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What we do

Our computer forensics specialists can help you respond immediately to stop the damage and limit liability if a breach occurs. We also can help prevent future attacks.


Data Breach

Our engineers can determine whether a true breach has occurred and assess its potential impact.

Data Breach

We will work to identify the nature, scope, impact and origin of the breach. We will identify security gaps and flaws in your network.

Documentation &

We offer expert consulting and support in preparing breach-related communications and documentation to help you comply with regulatory requirements after a breach.

Data Breach

We will do a thorough audit to determine system vulnerabilities and protect your organization from future attacks.

Suspect a Data Breach?

We offer immediate, 24/7 assistance from our team of data breach experts.

We help you regain control of your data

Digital Forensics Corp. computer forensics experts will:

  • Investigate whether your sensitive data has been exposed
  • Detect how your network was breached
  • Collect the evidence needed to fight back
  • Assist in responding to ongoing threats
  • Recommend changes to security procedures
  • Prevent future attacks on your network

Approach & Methodology

We investigate incidents by following these steps

Action Plan

Our First Response Team will identify every record that may have been impacted by the breach and provide a comprehensive report, detailing whether privileged information has been exported, uploaded or potentially captured via screenshot.

Stop The Current Breach

Digital Forensics Corporation will identify all current threats and active breaches and immediately secure your IT infrastructure to prevent privileged information from being exported from workstations or servers

Establish The Incident Timeline

Clients receive chronological documentation of events leading up to a confirmed data breach. Analysis includes how IT infrastructure was penetrated and what malicious activity may have occurred.

Identify & Evaluate Exposure

Learn whether PHI, PII, PIFI or HIPAA data has been exported, uploaded or captured via screenshot. Our in-house experts will work with your legal counsel to contain and minimize legal exposure and regulatory infractions.

What sets us apart

Digital Forensics Corp has proven success working with Fortune 500 companies across industries to handle data breach incidents.

Experience across the USA and Canada

With locations across North America, our digital forensics experts are near and ready to help. We are able to work on your case remotely, in-lab and onsite. Contact us or submit a case today to learn more about how we can help you.

Leading Experts

The DFC team is comprised of forensic investigators, certified fraud examiners, former law enforcement officials, certified digital forensic examiners, data analysts and system and network domain experts.

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