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MagiCube complex is used to extract data from smartphones

MagiCube complex is used to extract data from smartphones

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-09-05

Modern companies develop products designed to protect the personal data of their customers. Criminals use these producst because they are confident in the security of the transmitted data. There are only a few companies that develop their own hardware and software products for digital research and information security protection. Meiya Pico is such a company.

Meiya Pico is the leading digital forensics and information security products and service provider in China, and dominates 45 percent of the digital forensic market share in that country. Meiya Pico has several service centers, focusing on digital forensic authentication, data recovery, digital forensic training, intellectual property protection, and technical support, respectively.


Law enforcement agencies took over the products of this company and purchased MagiCube. MagiCube is able to detect and decode the history of messages in the messenger apps Telegram, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and others. MagiCube can hack devices with Apple and Android operating systems and automatically extract owner information from them: name, email address and phone number. MagiCube also can extract data from social networks, in particular Facebook and Twitter. In total, the complex is able to extract information from 3,000 models of mobile devices from 100 companies.


Devices are connected through a special set of cables, since there is no need for additional devices, such as a write lock, a duplicator and a laptop. There is support for the analysis of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.


Features of MagiCube:

  1. Configurable work processes forensic medical examination;
  2. Highly integrated computer forensic equipment;
  3. Convenient “drag and drop” function;
  4. Optimized user interface;
  5. Various interfaces;
  6. Improved specification.


There are several more major manufacturers of equipment for hacking smartphones: the Israeli Cellebrite (UFED), the Canadian Magnet Forensics, Swedish Micro Systemation (MSAB) and the American Grayshift (Graykey).

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