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Replace your Mobile Forensic Tool with Oxygen ForensicÂź Detective

Replace your Mobile Forensic Tool with Oxygen ForensicÂź Detective

Unhappy with your mobile forensic solution? Oxygen Forensics is pleased to offer a unique replacement promotion!

Why to switch?

Use the most advanced features in a user-friendly interface at a fair price. We are industry-first leaders in many areas including data analysis, app support and cloud forensics.

Customer service
We do not stop at the sale of our products.  We help you throughout the license period and even after expiration. Our 95% satisfaction rate speaks for itself and with our international help desk working 24 hours it is easy to see why!

In times of shrinking budgets you might be willing to ease your renewal costs and have the benefits of better or similar product at a lower cost. Our Oxygen ForensicŸ Detective price is currently lower than other forensic products in the category.


What is the offer? 

Send a competitor’s USB dongle with a valid key code to them. They will send you Oxygen Forensic¼ Detective!  This is a full version good for 12 months of FREE updates and you pay only the renewal cost! (40% of the regular price)

Need more help?

If you want person-to-person assistance, call Oxygen Forensics Customer Support at 1-844-537-2-537 (USA) or +371-2937-4462 (Europe). Or just contact our helpdesk for assistance.

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