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Paladin 7 is online

Paladin 7 is online

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-09-13

Sumuri has released the 7th version of their award-winning open source digital forensic suite – Paladin.

Here’s the good news:

  • Remember PALADIN PRO that supported eMMC and nvRAM and cost $99.00?  Those features are now included PALADIN 7.
  • PALADIN 7 has a bunch of updated open source tools including Autopsy 4.
  • PALADIN 7 has the ability to image across a network to NFS or SMB (samba).  This means you can take a NAS and a switch out in the field and image a bunch of machines at the same time.  Or, you can set up an imaging station and an evidence server in your lab and image direct.
  • PALADIN 7 has an updated kernel which supports more hardware!
  • PALADIN 7 has new grub (boot) options to make it easier to get around graphics issues.  Start with  “nomodeset” then “apci=off” if you encounter and video or hardware issues.
  • If PALADIN detected a high resolution screen it sometimes made the desktop too small.  We fixed this as well be adding an easily accessible Display Settings Icon next to the PALADIN shield icon (start icon).
  • Samuri LLC also added the Time and Date settings shortcut to the right-hand side for adjusting the time zone (if necessary).

The Quick Start Guide has also been updated and is available on Paladin’s website.


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