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Governments vs. Hackers

Governments vs. Hackers

by Igor Mikhaylov2019-03-14

It is necessary to continue developing security measures, as the level of cyber threats grows every year. The new tender of the European Commission speaks about a program to increase cyber-resistance to Eastern Partnership countries. The European Union allocates more than 3.2 million euros for the development of this program.

“This program will help strengthen cyber-resistance and criminal law measures in the Eastern Partnership countries and will focus on measures to develop technical cooperation mechanisms and mechanisms to improve cybersecurity and cyber-attack preparedness, such as strengthening institutional management and infrastructure of the legal regime and incidents management capabilities” – says the tender of the European Commission.


Heads of government are thinking about cyber security, and therefore the UK plans to develop a special unit aimed at countering cyber attacks amid a growing threat. Earlier, the US House of Representatives passed a bill allowing imposing sanctions for cyber attacks.

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