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5 Industries at High-Risk for Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity firms predict that cyberattacks will cost the world $10.5 trillion per year by 2025. Cyberattacks come in many different forms and can cripple your business in an instant. Experts are warning companies to protect themselves against hackers or face financial ruin. Here are the some of the top industries being targeted by criminals:

Retail – Cyberattacks on retailers have doubled over the past three years. Cybersecurity experts predict that criminals will continue to increase attacks on retail companies because they hold so much value consumer data, making them an ideal target for cybercriminals who can sell credit card numbers or online banking credentials on the black market.

Financial Services – Cyberattacks on financial services companies are becoming more common each year, as criminals are especially interested in financial information. Criminals are using sophisticated cyberattacks to steal money from vulnerable bank accounts and steal identities of consumers.

Healthcare – Healthcare is a top target because patient data is extremely valuable on the black market. Cyber criminals will use stolen health information to file fake tax returns or submit fraudulent claims for medical equipment. Cybercriminals also steal the identities of doctors and patients, which can be used to file false insurance claims.

Energy & Utilities – Cyber criminals want access to operational controls in order to carry out attacks that can cause financial and even physical harm. Cyberattacks on energy grids can cause blackouts and pose a national security risk by providing access to critical infrastructure. Cyber criminals are also interested in utility data because it can be sold on the black market, enabling cybercriminals to make money by stealing identities or filing fraudulent tax returns.

Manufacturing – Cybercriminals conduct attacks against manufacturers to steal proprietary data, such as blueprints or production plans, and use it to sell counterfeit products. They will also hold company systems ransom, forcing high payments so companies can regain access and continue production. Cyberattacks on manufacturing companies also pose a national security risk by interfering with supply chains, potentially causing economic disruption.

Ultimately, any industry can be targeted in a cyberattack. If your business isn’t protected against the latest threats, it’s only a matter of time before you fall victim. Our team will work with you to understand how hackers might try and gain access into your systems – then we’ll show you exactly what those vulnerabilities look like and the how to correct them. It takes just one successful hack for reputational damage or financial loss to happen — but with our proactive approach towards cybersecurity protection you’ll be ready when the time comes. Don’t wait until it’s too late — contact us today!

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