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Unlock or decrypt an APFS drive

Unlock or decrypt an APFS drive

One of the main features of macOS High Sierra is the new file system of APFS. Apple File System is a new, modern file system optimized for working with Flash / SSD drives. It includes the functionality of strong encryption, copy-on-write, space sharing, cloning files and folders, creating snapshots.
As part of the working with the Apple File System (APFS) volumes, it may be necessary to decrypt a boot drive using APFS’s native encryption in order to fix a problem.

This article shows you how to decrypt an encrypted APFS boot disk from the command line. For this purpose it is not possible:
1. Identify the relevant encrypted APFS volume.
2. Unlock the encrypted APFS volume
3. Decrypt the encrypted APFS volume.

More information you can find in this article.



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