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Internet threats and children

Nowadays, children spend much of their time on the internet visiting social networks and communicating with each other using instant messengers. Therefore, some of the relationships that children face in real life are transferred into the virtual world. In this article, we will look at some of the threats to psyche and health that children may encounter online.


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Is data recovery possible after ransomware?

Specialists from foreign countries and other users started to seek advice after reading this article. Turns out, not all of you understand when forensics engineers can help recover data. In this article we will consider typical questions and give answers based on own experience.

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DFC’s Work with Private Investigators in the Spotlight

Along with data breach response and IT network security work, Digital Forensics Corp. works with private investigators across the country to help them resolve a wide range of cases.

That work is highlighted in PI Magazine’s latest issue, September/October 2018. In an article entitled “How One PI Turned Trash Calls into Cash Calls,” Mike Lewis of Confidential Investigative Services discusses his working relationship with DFC and how it has helped him increase revenue by referring cases to DFC when his agency is unable to take them on for some reason. He also talks about how we have helped him resolve some of the cases his agency handles, by accessing digital evidence directly [...]

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Digital Forensics Corp. in the News

From data breaches to home security to tracking down criminals, technology is in the news every day. Almost any story a reporter handles these days will have a technology angle to it. The experts at Digital Forensics Corp. can provide the expertise and background reporters need to tell the whole story.

We handle all media requests through our Ohio headquarters, but with sufficient lead time we can assist journalists across the United States. For example, when WSB-TV in Atlanta prepared a report on Georgia’s new hands-free law, which restricted use of cell phones while driving, reporter Pete Combs wanted to dive into the technical aspects. He sought to tell viewers how [...]

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