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Strengths and vulnerabilities in WhatsApp

Time is very valuable in the modern world. A person can satisfy most needs in one click. More and more, new applications for shopping, communication, taxi, leisure and many other services are being invented.


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MagiCube complex is used to extract data from smartphones

Modern companies develop products designed to protect the personal data of their customers. Criminals use these producst because they are confident in the security of the transmitted data. There are only a few companies that develop their own hardware and software products for digital research and information security protection. Meiya Pico is such a company.

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An Overview of Web Browser Forensics

Browser Forensics Analysis is a separate, large area of ​​expertise.


Web browsers are used in mobile devices, tablets, netbooks, desktops, etc., and often can be used not just for web surfing, but for navigation through the file system of the device. The web browser’s cache can contain downloaded images, videos, documents, executable files and scripts. Web browsers also can contain data entered into forms: search queries, logins and passwords for web email accounts, social networks, other web sites and financial information (for example, credit card numbers). Favorites and searches can give the researcher an idea of ​​the device owner’s interests.

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What you should know about ransomware

A huge number of new viruses appear every year in the world, some of which cause notable harm not only to ordinary people, but also to large firms. About 90 million new viruses were created in the world in 2017, and about 300,000 are created daily.

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