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DFRWS 2016 Forensics Challenge

DFRWS 2016 Forensics Challenge

The 2016 DFRWS Forensic Challenge is dedicated to Software-Defined Networking forensics. 

Use this link to obtain details, tools, and materials.

Here are the rules:

  • Contestants may enter individually, or as a team, with no restrictions.
  • Source code must be openly available under a free software license, such as those listed at The author(s) retain rights to the source code.
  • Tools may incorporate third-party free software as long as it is compatible with your license and is included with your submission. However, submissions will be judged based on the contribution your own work brings to the challenge.
  • Submissions must include clear instructions for building tool(s) from source code along with all relevant dependencies.
  • DFRWS will publish a detailed summary of the Challenge results, along with the methodology used and the source of the specific version of each tool.

You can find more info about the challenge here.


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