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iPhone X Overview

iPhone X Overview

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-11-04

Apple turned the world over. Apple presented the 18th iteration today. Time will show how the iPhoe X will manifest itself.
In this article, you can see the changes in the iPhone. The authors singled out the strengths and weaknesses:

1. Display and battery repairs remain the priority in the iPhone’s design.
2. A cracked display. Face ID hardware.
3. Liberal use of screws is preferable to glue-but you’ll have to bring your Apple-specific drivers (Pentalobe and tri-point) in addition to a standard Phillips.
4. Waterproofing measures complicate some repairs.
5. Fussy cables tie unrelated components together in complex assemblies-expensive and troublesome to replace.
6. Glass on the back and back of the doubles, the likelihood of the loss of the damage, and the back glass breaks, you’ll be removing every component and replacing the whole chassis.

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