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Four ways to repel BEC attacks

Four ways to repel BEC attacks

by Igor Mikhaylov2019-01-15

Nowadays there are many cyber attacks, such as phishing, vishing and combination attacks. Hackers’ ingenuity has no limit; they can make a bank transfer via email.


Security experts strongly recommend informing users about cyber threats, as many people have no understanding of the types of attacks and the possible consequences. Business executives should think about their employees’ training. One thing to be on guard against is the Business Email Comproimise, or BEC  attack.


4 ways to repel BEC attacks


  1. Motivate employees

First of all, it is necessary to instruct employees in detail how to act and how to report the incident. Develop financial motivation for employees who detect or stop an email compromise attack. This investment may help the company save thousands of dollars.


  1. Train your employees regularly

A recent study showed that with ongoing training, more than 70 percent of users report about BEC, and only 10 percent actually click on phishing emails.


  1. Use new technology

New technologies present many opportunities for data protection. In most cases, companies do not use all the functions of security tools. Experts recommend using technology to develop training modules, videos, phishing tests and subsequent reports.


  1. Use insurance

Insurance companies do not automatically cover BEC, so with the help of a lawyer, add a clause that covers your organization in case of BEC. This step will help cover losses from computer fraud or transfer fraud.


The methods described above will help prevent company losses. But, as you know, it is better to prevent problems than to solve them.

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